Casino royale ball scene

casino royale ball scene

Worst Torture: Casino Royale's Testicle Scene or Dir Another Day's intro? being banged in the balls with a thick ass rope with a tick ass knot. Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen) whips James Bond (Daniel Craig) in order to get the password to bonds poker. Casino Royale () - Torture Scene (p) FULL HD. RED Lion Movie Shorts. Loading Unsubscribe. This course of action is not usually necessary. Jan 9, 9. These organs, as you know, are most susceptible to torture for the extraction of information. Unless of course she was tortured with a stuffed CGI Pigeon. Yes it was a tough school, but these days I am convinced it would be worse for him. Surprisingly, Tom only needed a couple of days off school to recover, although the mental scars probably took a bit longer. I don't want to get this topic to turn below the belt, but what I should have said, was, it is possible for Bond to be able to lift up his bits so that only his butt is exposed to the torture. casino royale ball scene Back to Casino Royale To this day he doesn't know why, and strongly suspects that he was the victim of some kind of student doctor prank. This used to make his life a misery. But CR's scenes themselves were more visceral, and the torture was more brutal than any of the individual Korean implements, and thus my choice was made. CUE WELL ENDOWED PIGEON". I've forgotten my password. Jan 29,

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"Now the whole world's gonna know that you died scratching my balls". Unless of course she was tortured with a stuffed CGI Pigeon. Nah man they dont have testical implants not that I know of so once them babies gone they gone man. However, when he did return, he was always secretly proud of the fact that he was the only kid in school whose right bollock was a niner. School life was particularly hellish for him. The mickey taking got especially bad during the conker season, when playing conkers was the main activity in the playground.

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